Corona Virus Update

Just to let you all know what is planned for the foreseeable future -


There will be no change to the @MAR magazine - it will continue to be produced each month as an online PDF magazine.


If we take the PDF version first, this will continue as normal.
The paper MAR magazine may be subject to changes, depending upon the situation with our printers. At the moment, they are continuing to operate as normal and if this situation continues then there will be no disruption to the distribution of the magazine each month. However, if they have to close down for any reason, then the following is planned - the PDF version of the magazine will be produced as normal each month but the paper magazine will not be printed until the current crisis and lockdown is lifted. At that point, all unprinted issues of MAR will be printed and posted out to our readers. If we are forced to halt the printing and posting of the paper magazines then those subscribers will be able to download the on line PDF version for free during the disruption period. With this possibility in mind, would any paper MAR subscriber who would like to receive a free MAR PDF magazine for the disruption of the paper MAR period please email me with their email address so I can prepare all the accounts for this to happen smoothly. Please email me at “” This free PDF offer will only happen if we have to stop sending out the paper MAR magazine and will stop once the paper magazine is back in production.

The only other expected problems from the crisis is that the monthly issues will probably be smaller as there will be less to report on and less reports being sent in - so please send in any reports that you can to the editors.

Thank you

Brian Pickering