First South Carolina Built F-16 Takes Flight

Bahraini Air Force Block 70 F-16 at Greenville South Caroline on January 24th 2023 (Lockheed Martin)

On January 24th 2023 the first flight of an F-16 built by Lockheed in Greenville, South Carolina took place. The Block 70 two seat F-16 completed a test flight lasting nearly one hour. It is the first of sixteen F-16s on order for the Bahraini Air Force and is the first example to fly since the F-16 production line was moved from Fort Worth, Texas in 2017.
There are currently 128 new F-16s due to be built at Greenville with orders from Bulgaria, Morocco, Slovakia and Taiwan in addition to Bahrain. A large order from Turkey is also currently under discussion.

Lockheed Martin