Israeli F-15s and Jordanian F-16s deploy to Red Flag

Israeli Air Force F-15I 269 at Lajes on August 9th (Andre Inacio)

In the past few days 10 Israeli F-15s and 5 Jordanian F-16s have passed through Lajes on their way to Nellis for Red Flag.
Details of the aircraft involved:-
Arriving on the 9th as "Cheetah01-05" were Israeli F-15s 715, 733, 957, 970 and 979. Support was from KC-707 272 "IAF100".
Arriving on the 10th as "Lion01-05" were Israeli F-15s 217, 220, 227, 241 and 269. The Jordanian F-16s also arrived on the 10th as "Tiger01-05" and comprised 670, 678, 680, 685 and 686. Support was made up of KC-707s 295 "IAF101", 260 "IAF103", 264 "IAF104" and 275 "IAF102". Also arriving on the 10th was Isreali Gulfstream 550 569 "IAF300".
All aircraft departed to Bangor on the 11th.

979 670 F15 IAF and Jordan F16