Netherlands and Luxembourg order an initial two A330MRTTs

An artist's impression of the A330MRTT in service (Dutch Ministry of Defence)

The Dutch Defence Ministry has announced the agreement of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Luxembourg and Airbus for the purchase of two A330MRTTs (multi role tanker transport).
The aircraft will be based at Eindhoven and will be operated under the auspices of NATO. The Netherlands will take responsibility for the registering of the aircraft and also their airworthiness certificates.
It is hoped that more nations will join as partners (Belgium, Germany, Norway and Poland seen as the most likely) and that eventually up to eight A330MRTTs will be operated.
The aircraft will be delivered in 2020 by which the Dutch Air Force will have begun to retire it's two KDC-10 refuelling and transport aircraft.