RAF Typhoons intercept 10 Russian aircraft

Four Su-34s escorted over Baltic airspace by 6 Squadron Typhoons. (RAF/Crown Copyright)

The RAF have released images of an intercept in the Baltic Region on Friday the 24th of July. The Typhoons from 6 Squadron are currently detached to the Baltic Air Policing Mission in Lithuania.
Once airbourne the Typhoons monitored and escorted four Su-34s, 4 MiG-31s and 2 An-26s until they were clear of potential conflicts with the civil aviation. Although intercepts of Russian military aircraft have become more and more routine recently the sheer number of aircraft in one group makes this mission unusual.11781675_1014811948551627_3336137834950711745_n 11693940_1014811898551632_8353983141470427572_n