Spanish Air Force Hornets head to Red Flag

Six Spanish Air Force F-18 Hornets on the ramp at Lajes 10.08.16 (Andre Inacio)

On August the 9th four Spanish Air Force F/A-18 Hornets arrived at Lajes en-route to Red Flag at Nellis Air Force Base. They had diverted to Lajes due to a problem with their US Air Force tanker.

The aircraft were:-
CE15-10/12-73 'AME1221'
C15-72/12-30 'AME1222'
C15-57/12-15 'AME1223'
C15-40/15-27 'AME1224'
All four departed to the United States on August 11th.

A further two Spanish Hornets arrived on August the 10th and departed back to Spain on the 11th:-

CE15-11/12-74 'AME1225'
C15-46/12-04 'AME1226'

C15-40 CE15-10 C15-72