74th Fighter Squadron A-10Cs Return Home from Incirlik

74th Fighter Squadron A-10C 80-0172 at Lajes on 21.01.18 (Andre Inacio)

On January 21, 2018 nine A-10Cs from the 74th Fighter Squadron (based at Moodby AFB) passed through Lajes in the Azores on their way home from a deployment to Incirlik in Turkey where they had taken part in operations in Syria and Iraq. The unit has been replaced in Turkey by the 303rd Fighter Squadron.
The A-10s arrived from Moron Air Base in Spain and all wore a substantial number of mission markings on the nose.

The aircraft involved were:-

78-0621/FT 'TABOR71'
80-0172/FT 'TABOR72'
78-0644/FT 'TABOR73'
78-0614/FT 'TABOR74'
80-0188/FT 'TABOR75'
82-0657/FT 'TABOR76'
79-0189/FT 'TABOR81'
79-0223/FT 'TABOR82'
78-0646/FT 'TABOR83'

74th Fighter Squadron A-10C 78-0614 at Lajes on 21.01.18 (Andre Inacio)

74th Fighter Squadron A-10C 79-0223 at Lajes on 21.01.18 (Andre Inacio)