Dutch F-16s Head to Davis Monthan

Dutch Air Force F-16AM J-135 departing Lajes on 25.01.16 (Andre Inacio)

Six Netherlands Air Force F-16s recently passed through Lajes in the Azores in their way to Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona.
On January 23, 2017 six F-16s arrived at Lajes :-
J-020 "NAF81"
J-135 "NAF82"
J-879 "NAF84"
J-063 "NAF85"
J-144 "NAF86"
J-005 "NAF83"
Support was provided by KDC-10-30 T-235

F-16AM J-630 arriving at Lajes on 25.01.17 after a diversion to Monte Real (Andre Inacio)

Dutch Air Force KDC-10 T-235 at Lajes providing support for the US deployment (Andre Inacio)

Two other F-16s diverted to Monte Real on the Portuguese mainland before finally arriving at Lajes on Janaury 25:-
J-630 "NAF93"
J-015 "NAF94"
Six of the eight F-16s then continued their journey on to Shaw Air Force Base on January 25:-
J-630 "NAF81"
J-879 "NAF82"
J-020 "NAF83"
J-135 "NAF84"
J-015 "NAF85"
J-144 "NAF86"
The two remaining F-16s returned to Monte Real on January 26:-
J-063 "NAF95"
J-005 "NAF96"

F-16AM J-020 departing to Shaw AFB on 25.01.17 (Andre Inacio)

F-16AM J-063 arriving at Lajes on 23.01.17 (Andre Inacio)