First Royal Danish Air Force F-35As On Delivery to Denmark

Royal Danish Air Force F-35A L-007 at Lajes on September 12, 2023 (Andre Inacio)

The first four Lockheed F-35A Lightning IIs to be delivered to Denmark passed through Lajes in the Azores on September 12th, 2023. The four aircraft L-007, L-008, L-009 and L-010 will be the first to be based in Denmark after previous deliveries had gone to Luke AFB in Arizona for pilot training.
The aircraft will be operated by Esk 727 at Skrydstrup with a total of twenty seven F-35As currently on order. They will replace the F-16AM/BM, all of which are due to be retired by 2025 (brought forward from 2027).

The aircraft arrived at Lajes from the Lockheed factory at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth as:-
L-008 "DAF6727"
L-007 "DAF6728"
L-009 "DAF6729"
L-010 "DAF6730"
Support was provided by KC-10A 86-0032 "Rch099". They are due to depart on September 14th.