L3 Awarded EC-37B “Compass Call” Contract

An artist's impression of the proposed EC-37B Compass Call aircraft (Gulfstream)

The United States Air Force has awarded a contract to L-3 for the installation of "Compass Call" equipment onto the soon to be acquired EC-37B (based on the Gulfstream 550 airframe). The contract covers the "cross decking" of equipment from the existing EC-130H aircraft onto the new EC-37B.

In last year's FY17 budget proposal the USAF awarded the the EC-130H replacement program to L-3, who will act as the system integrator with Gulfstream providing the airframes.

The September 2017 contract awards comes just weeks after the US Government Accountability Office denied Boeing and Bombardier’s protest against the US Air Force’s acquisition strategy for Compass Call replacement.