Turkish Air Force F-16s deploy to Nellis

Turkish Air Force F-16C 90-0011 arrives at Lajes on 21.02.16 en-route to Nellis AFB (Andre Inacio)

On the 21st of February a flight of six Turkish Air Force F-16s arrived at Lajes in the Azores. en-route to a Red Flag exercise at Nellis Air Force Base. There were supported by two KC-135Rs and one A400M.

They all departed the following day to McGuire Air Force Base to continue their journey.

The aircraft involved were:-
90-0011 'TURAF10'
92-0023 'TURAF11'
91-0011 'TURAF12'
89-0044 'TURAF13'
88-0035 'TURAF14'
89-0037 'TURAF15'
60-0326 'TURAF19'
62-3563 'TURAF20'
14-0028 'TURAF221'

88-0035 14-0028