Italian Air Force Eurofighters deploy to Red Flag

Italian Air Force Eurofighter EF-2000s prepare to depart Lajes for Pease ABGB on February the 20th (Andre Inacio)

On the 19th of February a flight of seven Italian Air Force EF-2000 Eurofighters arrived at Lajes in the Azores on their way to Nellis Air Force Base for a Red Flag exercise. They were supported on their flight by two KC-767s and two C-130Js. All of the aircraft departed the following day to Pease ANGB in New Hampshire.

The aircraft involved were:-
MM7301/4-53 'IAM0410'
MM7302/36-25 'IAM0411'
MM7271/4-15 'IAM0412'
MM7276/36-05 'IAM0413'
MM7284/36-10 'IAM3610'
MM7300/4-44 'IAM3611'
MM7272/36-14 'IAM3612'
MM62228/14-03 'IAM1415'
MM62227/14-02 'IAM1417'
MM62180/46-45 'IAM4671'
MM62186/46-51 'IAM4672'

MM62227 Overhead