VIDEO: 5th Bomb Wing B-52Hs Arrive at RAF Fairford

Video from UK Aviation Movies of four 5th Bomb Wing B-52Hs arriving at RAF Fairford on February 10th, 2022.

All aircraft are from Minot AFB. HATE14 (61-0039) was a direct flight and landed at 11:30am local time at RAF Fairford. HATE 11/12/13 refuelled in AR-20 with ABBOT 71 flight on the eastern seaboard of the USA before continuing on to bombing ranges in the UK. ABBOT71 flight was a mix of KC-135s and a KC-46 I believe.

HATE11 (61-0003) and HATE13 (60-0044) conducted bombing practice on Tain range in North West Scotland before splitting into singles for their transition to RTB Fairford. HATE13 landed at 14:05 and HATE11 at 15:15.

HATE12 (61-0018) went to the Holbeach Air Weapons Range to the east of England and conducted bombing practice for around 2 hours. This aircraft recovered to Fairford at 14:57

Credit to Ben Ramsay/UK Aviation Movies.