First A330-MRTT for South Korea Painted

Republic of Korea Air force A330-MRTT 18-001 departing Manching on June 08, 2018 (Dietmar Fenners)

The first Airbus A330-MRTT (MSN1787/MRTT50/18-001) for the Republic of Korea Air Force departed Manching, Germany on June 08, 2018 for Getafe. after painting. The aircraft had previously arrived in primer from Getafe on May 14, 2018. The Republic of Korea has four A330-MRTTs currently on order.

On the same day the first A330-MRTT for the French Air Force (MSN1735/MRTT41) arrived at Manching to be painted.

French Air Force A330MRTT MSN1735/MRTT41 arriving at Manching on June 08, 2018 (Dietmar Fenners)