US Marine Corps F/A-18Cs to RAF Lakenheath

F/A-18C 165186 17.10.2015 Lakenheath (Dougie Couch)

On Saturday the 17th of October six United States Marine Corps F/A-18C Hornets arrived at RAF Lakenheath.

The aircraft are all from VMFA-232 and the serials are confirmed as:-

165186/WT-01 "Mazda 45"

165188/WT-02 "Mazda 43"

165191/WT-03 "Mazda 46"

165194/WT-05 "Mazda 42"

165218/WT-06 "Mazda 41"

165230/WT-11 "Mazda 44"

These aircraft were originally due to depart on the 18th but it would appear they have been delayed until the 19th.

Another four Hornets are due later in the week - Tuesday at the earliest.