VIDEO: B-1B departing Fairford

There are currently two B-1Bs and one B-52H at RAF Fairford taking part in Exercise Ample Strike. Below is a good video of B-1B 85-0089…

VIDEO: Exercise Arrowhead Thunder

Marines from various units kick-off exercise Arrowhead Thunder on Fort Stewart, G.A., Aug. 10-29, 2016. Arrowhead Thunder is a Marine Air-Ground Task Force level exercise…

VIDEO: Farnborough Airshow 1959

Some great colour footage of the 1959 Farnborough Airshow, with some nice air to air footage of the Lightning and Buccaneer.

VIDEO: B-2A in flight

Some very nice high resolution footage of the Northrop B-2A Spirit in flight – all shot a couple of years ago.